Vaccination recommendation of the FOPH

The coronavirus is highly contagious. Even if most of those who are infected only develop mild symptoms or even no symptoms at all, some become seriously ill, particularly those who are at especially high risk.

  • One in six of those who are hospitalised has to be admitted to intensive care
  • One in a hundred dies of coronavirus
  • For those who are 65 and older, the risk of being admitted to hospital with coronavirus increases by 10-20% because of their age. From the age of 70, the risk of dying from coronavirus increases by 3-14%.

In order to limit the consequences of the pandemic for everyone, those who are at especially high risk must be protected first.

Vaccination protects against coronavirus disease

The COVID-19 vaccine protects against coronavirus. Next to the rules on social distancing and hygiene, it is the most effective intervention to date for reducing the number of serious illnesses and deaths in Switzerland. This is the ultimate objective. As a result, COVID-19 vaccination may prevent the health system in Switzerland from becoming overloaded.

The rules on hygiene & social distancing protect against the transmission of coronavirus

Since we still do not know whether the COVID-19 vaccination also protects against the transmission of coronavirus to other people, it is important, even after you have been vaccinated, to continue following the key rules on hygiene and social distancing in order to stem the spread of coronavirus.

Vaccination + rules on social distancing = currently the best strategy for containing coronavirus

Vaccination does not replace the rules on hygiene and social distancing. The combination of vaccination and the rules on hygiene and social distancing give us the best chance of curbing the coronavirus pandemic – and hopefully putting it behind us at some future date.

Here you’ll find information material on the COVID-19 vaccination.

‘Why we’re getting vaccinated’

Even though the COVID-19 vaccine does not replace the need for hygiene and behavioural measures, it will help Switzerland in the fight against the spread of the coronavirus. That’s why so many people want to get vaccinated. Because they see the COVID-19 vaccine as an important step – for them and for the whole of Switzerland.

Well done!

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