Last updated on 02.10.2023

Side effects

Side effects

Side effects are possible with any vaccination. They areusually mild to moderate and subside quickly. Common side effects include reactions at the injection site such as pain, redness and/or swelling, headaches and fatigue. Muscle and joint pain and general symptoms such as chills, feeling feverish or a high temperature may also occur.

In very rare cases, severe side effects may be felt. A small number of people, for example, have experienced a severe allergic reaction directly after being vaccinated, with symptoms such as severe swelling, redness, itching or difficulty breathing. In very rare instances, an inflammation of the heart muscle or of the outer lining of the heart has been observed within 14 days of the vaccination. These cases have generally been
mild and easily treatable. Typical symptoms of such inflammation of the heart muscle are chest pain, difficulty breathing and palpitations, which usually occur within 2 weeks of the vaccination.

Further side effects may also be felt, with symptoms of varying durations. If you experience any severe or unexpected condition following a COVID-19 vaccination, contact a doctor, a pharmacist or the place you received your vaccination.

Health problems can develop at any time. So, if a health problem does arise immediately after a COVID-19 vaccination, this does not necessarily mean that the vaccination is the cause.

How is the safety of vaccines monitored?

Check out the video to see what’s involved in monitoring vaccines.