Last updated on 09.09.2022


The COVID-19 vaccination reduces the risk of contracting the coronavirus and infecting others with it. Your vaccination is free of charge and voluntary for you.

  • Visit the cantons’ websites to find out where and when you can get advice and a free vaccination.
  • National infoline coronavirus (Mon-Fri from 8a.m. to 6p.m.):
    +41 58 463 00 00
  • You’ll find answers to frequently asked questions in the FAQ.
  • You’ll find information on the vaccination in other languages at

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Why vaccinate?

The COVID-19 vaccination protects you from catching coronavirus and transmitting it to others. Here you’ll find out more about why vaccination makes sense and hear from various people about why it’s a good idea to get vaccinated and why the infertility myth is baseless.


Who can get vaccinated?

Vaccination is recommended for those aged 5 or over. Further details on the federal government’s vaccination strategy can be found here. You will also find specific recommendations for children and adolescents and pregnant women, and information for people who have recovered from COVID-19. Exceptions for people at especially high risk are also explained.


Vaccination planning

Here you’ll find information on where you can get vaccinated and an overview of all the details you need to register for a COVID-19 vaccination in each canton. You can also find out who covers the cost of the COVID-19 vaccination and how you can arrange a vaccination appointment for someone else.


How does vaccination work?

Here you’ll find information on how and why vaccines work in the body, what it takes for a vaccine to be authorised in Switzerland and how vaccine safety is monitored. Learn about the different types of vaccine and which ones are authorised for use in Switzerland.


Side effects, myths & questions

Here you can find out about side effects. We also look at some of the misinformation, rumours and myths surrounding the COVID-19 vaccination. You’ll find key vaccination facts and scientific explanations, including some videos featuring experts.


Booster vaccination

For the best possible protection, especially against severe COVID-19 disease involving hospitalisation, a booster vaccination with an mRNA vaccine from Moderna or Pfizer/BioNTech is recommended from 4 months after full vaccination (initial immunisation).