Last updated on 20.09.2021


Authorities in your canton will let you know when and where you can be vaccinated – for example via the cantonal website. Your vaccination is free of charge.

Vaccinations are voluntary in Switzerland. There are no plans for compulsory vaccination.

National COVID-19 vaccination infoline (every day from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m.):

+41 800 88 66 44

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Why vaccinate?

The coronavirus is highly contagious. Even if most of those who are infected only develop mild symptoms or even no symptoms at all, some become seriously ill, particularly those who are at especially high risk.


Who can get vaccinated?

Find out more about the federal government’s vaccination strategy and who can get vaccinated. You will also find specific recommendations for children, young people and pregnant women, as well as information for people who have recovered from COVID-19. And the exceptions for people at especially high risk are explained.


Vaccination planning

Vaccine doses will be delivered to Switzerland in batches. Therefore, vaccinating the population will take some months. People who are at especially high risk are to be vaccinated first.


How does vaccination work?

The vaccine enables the body to produce immune responses targeted specifically against the virus so that it is equipped to combat the virus – and thus avoid the disease – on subsequent exposure. It acts on the immune system in the same way as the virus, but without causing the disease.


Side effects, myths & questions

Vaccines are authorised by Swissmedic only if they are safe and effective. They are thoroughly tested to this end.


How Switzerland is protecting itself

Under the hashtag #howtoprotectourselves many members of the public are sharing their personal measures to stop the spread of the new coronavirus. The FOPH is grateful for the support and encourages everyone to continue to follow all the important rules.

It’s easy to share posts via Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. Simply upload videos or posts under the hashtag #soschützenwiruns. A selection of them are posted here.

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