Last updated on 11.10.2021

Why repeat testing?

Repeat testing is important because…

  • it helps detect COVID-19 early.
  • it helps ensure the right action is taken quickly.
  • it helps effectively manage the pandemic.
  • regular tests are available.

Repeat testing keeps you and your loved ones safer

Widespread repeat testing of people without symptoms helps better control the pandemic – particularly in organisations such as businesses, schools and clubs.

If infections within a business are detected early, the virus can be prevented from spreading between employees. Repeat testing in conjunction with effective precautionary measures can help ensure that fewer staff have to go into quarantine or isolate.

This keeps you safer in the workplace.

Still important: the rules on hygiene and social distancing help stop the spread of coronavirus

A negative test result does not provide absolute certainty. You can still get infected just after the test. This is why it’s important that despite repeat testing, you should still follow the rules on hygiene and social distancing to contain the spread of coronavirus.