Last updated on 02.06.2021

How can I get repeat tests?

How Switzerland is implementing the testing strategy

Repeat testing in organisations: cantons implementing with partners

Widespread repeat testing of people without symptoms in organisations such as businesses, schools and clubs helps manage the pandemic in a targeted way. All businesses, schools and institutions can in principle participate in the testing programme in their canton. Participation is voluntary and straightforward.

Explanatory film about regular testing in the workplace

Why is it worth getting yourself tested regularly in the workplace? Find out more in the explanatory film.

Contacts in your canton:

Find out how repeat testing is being implemented in your canton. The information from cantonal authorities (Download PDF) on testing is continually being updated and added to:

+41 62 835 39 43

Appenzell Ausserrhoden
+41 71 353 64 10

Appenzell Innerrhoden

+41 71 788 96 02

Freiburg / Fribourg

+41 55 646 60 88

+41 81 257 88 11

Neuenburg / Neuchâtel
+41 32 889 52 30

+41 41 618 76 02

+41 41 666 67 99

+41 52 632 70 01

+41 41 819 16 17

+41 32 627 93 07

+41 71 913 27 64

+41 91 814 33 30

Waadt / Vaud
+41 21 338 11 77

Wallis / Valais
+41 77 461 83 05

+41 41 723 65 23

+41 800 79 28 24

Fürstentum Liechtenstein

Koordination über das Ministerium

Home self-tests as an extra

Alongside repeat testing, home self-tests can help detect coronavirus infections early on. However, they are not suitable for repeat testing as they are not reliable enough. They complement testing in businesses, schools and other institutions.

You should ask your employer, school or any organisations you belong to whether repeat testing is being carried out. You can find out about implementation of testing on the relevant cantonal website.

Self-tests reduce transmission in social settings. For example, individual tests can be used before visiting friends or relatives, or before taking part in activities where there is a transmission risk.

Caution: the results of self-tests are less reliable than those of a PCR test or rapid antigen test. In some situations, we therefore recommend you don’t use a self-test and get tested by a professional instead. You‘ll find more information here.

Where to get self-tests

If you have Swiss health insurance, you are entitled to five free self-tests a month. You can get them from a pharmacy on presentation of your health insurance card.

If you have symptoms: still get tested

Even if you get tested regularly when you don’t have symptoms. If you have symptoms, you should always get a PCR test. Find out on your canton’s website where you can get tested.

Now you know! Want to find out more? Read on to find out how repeat tests work.