Last updated on 02.06.2021


Feeling fine? Get tested. 

Repeat testing allows the virus to be detected early to stop it spreading.

New: repeat testing even if you don’t have symptoms

Up to now, you could only get tested – whether a PCR test or rapid antigen test – if you had symptoms. That has now changed and tests are available in large quantities for everyone free of charge. Repeat testing will therefore become an important part of managing the pandemic alongside testing people with symptoms.

You’ll find the latest information on repeat testing below.

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Why repeat testing?

Repeat testing is important to detect the virus early and stop it spreading.


How can I get repeat tests?

Repeat testing – particularly in businesses, clubs and schools – is free of charge and a crucial part of effectively managing the coronavirus. Read on to find out how repeat testing works.


How does a test work?

Several tests that have been approved by the FOPH and independent inspection authorities are used in Switzerland.


FAQs on testing

Have you got other questions related to testing? You’ll find answers below.