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Together we can prevent a second wave of the coronavirus: with contact tracing and the SwissCovid app. We have successfully contained the spread of the new coronavirus in Switzerland. Now the aim is to prevent a second wave.

Breaking the chains of infection.

If we are to enjoy normal life again, we need support measures like systematic testing and contact tracing. Chains of infection have to be broken to ensure that coronavirus infection numbers continue to fall. The SwissCovid app supports these measures: it will notify us immediately via our smartphones if we have been in close contact with a person who has been infected that we don’t know personally. And if as many people as possible download the SwissCovid app voluntarily, we can break the chains of infection at an early stage.

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The SwissCovid app gives us a decisive advantage.

We can be carrying the coronavirus and infecting people around us before we even start to feel ill. This is how we spread the virus and why we are always one step behind. SwissCovid – the Swiss Confederation’s official app – will help us catch up: it can inform us as soon as we have been in contact with an infected person, but before we experience any symptoms. By finding out we may have the virus early on, and by following the official recommendations, we can prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

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This is how the SwissCovid app works.

The app registers via Bluetooth when we are in close physical proximity to other SwissCovid app users. It does not record any location or GPS data. If a person that we have been close contact with tests positive for the virus, the app notifies us of this – provided the person could have been infectious at the time of contact. In order to trigger this notification, the infected person must enter a Covidcode, which they are given by the authorities, into their app. Users privacy is given the highest priority. Using the app is voluntary and no personal data are stored centrally. The video will show you how the app works.

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Protect yourself and others: the SwissCovid app is available here.

The more people that use the app, the more effective it will be. This is because widespread use of the app increases the likelihood that protentially infectious contacts can be recognised and reported. Help us to break the chains of infection. Download the SwissCovid app free of charge from the App Store or the Google Play Store.

You can use these link to download the app directly:

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If you are not viewing this website on your smartphone, you can search for and download the SwissCovid app in the App Store or the Google Play Store on your smartphone.

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How we use SwissCovid.

After installing and opening the app, we are asked to allow Bluetooth to be activated and to allow push notifications. Both functions are essential if we are to use the app to help stop the spread of the virus. Activate both functions so that you can use the app properly. Once they are activated, the app will work without you having to do anything.

FAQ: The most frequently asked questions about the SwissCovid app.

Use the following link to find questions on a wide variety of issues, from data protection to how the app works.

Here are the most frequently asked questions

  • Information in Rätoromanisch: PDF

If you have questions about installing the SwissCovid app, you can contact the technical support hotline at +41 58 466 07 99.

Use of the SwissCovid app is voluntary and data usage costs are covered by Swisscom/Salt/Sunrise.