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Quicker information on a possible risk of infection: thanks to contact tracing and the SwissCovid app.

The SwissCovid app helps to contain the further spread of COVID-19, letting you know quickly of a possible risk of infection. Play your part by activating the SwissCovid app.

Interrupt chains of infection

We have been protecting ourselves against the new coronavirus since March 2020 by keeping our distance from others, following the rules on hygiene, wearing masks and providing our contact details. We now need to keep at it: it remains essential that we quickly interrupt chains of infection so that the number of infections is reduced. This is where the SwissCovid app comes into play: it notifies us when we have been exposed to a risk of infection.

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The SwissCovid app provides warnings quickly

We can carry the new coronavirus inside us before we feel ill, and it is possible for us to infect others during this time without realising it. The major benefit of the SwissCovid app: it provides warnings quickly. This time saving allows us to prevent the further spread of the coronavirus.

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The SwissCovid app provides warnings anonymously

The app exchanges private IDs with other mobile phones on which the app is installed via Bluetooth. These IDs are made up of unique combinations of numbers and letters. They have nothing to do with the owners of the mobile phones. In issuing a warning, the app also takes account of the duration of encounters with others and the distance at which they took place. It is not possible to draw conclusions about specific locations and identities.

In the event of a positive coronavirus test, a Covidcode is provided by the cantonal authorities. This can be entered in the app, allowing us to warn other, unknown individuals about a possible infection. All app users who meet the “duration and distance” criteria are informed.

The entry of the Covidcode is voluntary. Warnings are issued without others finding out from whom it originated.

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Check-in function without Bluetooth or GPS

The check-in function is useful in settings where people gather but where there is no requirement to record contact data, for example private get-togethers, club events and meeting rooms, auditoriums and canteens. It’s a decentralised system which does not record personal data and uses neither Bluetooth nor GPS.

The organiser generates a QR code which guests scan on their arrival. After the event, attendees confirm in the app that they have left the venue. This information is saved locally for 14 days on the attendee’s own mobile phone. If someone gets infected with the coronavirus after the event, they enter the Covidcode they receive from the cantonal office in the SwissCovid app. Then all attendees who were checked in at the event at the same time or up to 30 minutes later receive an automatic notification.

You’ll find more information on the check-in function in the video.

Using the SwissCovid app

Download the SwissCovid app from the Apple Store or the Google Play Store and open it. You will then be guided through the activation process. Accept the privacy policy, allow notifications and then activate the app with a single tap. From this moment, the app will work for you in the background. And you will be helping to stop the further spread of the new coronavirus.

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If you are not viewing this website on your smartphone, you can search for and download the SwissCovid app in the App Store or the Google Play Store on your smartphone.

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FAQ: The most frequently asked questions about the SwissCovid app

Use the following link to find questions on a wide variety of issues, from data protection to how the app works.

Here are the most frequently asked questions

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If you have questions about installing the SwissCovid app, you can contact the technical support hotline at +41 58 466 07 99.

Use of the SwissCovid app is voluntary and data usage costs are covered by Swisscom/Salt/Sunrise.