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Data protection

Based on Article 13 of the Federal Constitution and the provisions of data protection legislation, each individual has a right to the protection of their private sphere as well as protection against the misuse of their personal data. The Federal Authorities comply with these provisions.

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Restricted rights of use for third parties
The products that can be found under Downloads may be reproduced and distributed. These products may not be altered in any way, with the following exception:
Posters and individual pictograms and the text associated with them may be adapted for individual business prevention programmes directly related to overcoming the coronavirus pandemic and to the Federal Administration’s aims. It must be clearly stated that this is a campaign run by the company and the company logo must be clearly visible.
All other information on the websites of the federal authorities (e.g. factsheets) may only be adapted for personal use and a private business logo affixed with the express written consent of the copyright holders. The federal authorities decline any association to the companies reproducing the information.
No reference to the Federal Administration (use of logo etc.) may be made under any other circumstances. Products may not be used for commercial (for profit), ideological, political or any other unrelated purpose. This includes their use to promote measures which are not evidence-based or not recommended by the Federal Administration.
In the case of non-compliance with these provisions, the Federal Administration reserves the right to take legal action.