Informational and explanatory videos

The following videos provide information on the measures to contain the coronavirus pandemic.

Why do you need a booster vaccination?

The video clearly explains why a booster vaccination is recommended from 4 months after a full vaccination (initial immunisation).

Dr Matteo Coen

Dr Matteo Coen fights for the survival of Covid 19 patients in hospital. The virus is unpredictable – even in young people. For him it’s sad to be going through another fierce wave of the disease.


Adnan didn’t get vaccinated. After all, he and all the people around him were healthy. Then he caught COVID-19 and had to be put into an induced coma for more than two weeks.


Cecilia is a nurse and had contracted COVID-19 from a patient. She had extreme difficulties breathing and thought she would die.


Sander is 25 and before catching COVID-19 was as fit as a fiddle. After the infection, he suffered from various complaints.


Before contracting COVID-19, Slavica was in very good health. Then everything changed: she was unresponsive for twelve weeks and very narrowly survived the disease.


30-year-old Pauline is very sporty and active. After contracting COVID-19, she suffered the physical and mental effects of the virus for almost three months.

Myth that vaccine makes you infertile refuted by Watson

The video on the Watson news portal contains a clear explanation as to why there’s absolutely no basis to the myth.

Midwives’ decision on vaccination

A number of midwives explain why they support the COVID-19 vaccination.

Doctor deciding to get the vaccination

A doctor explains her reasons for getting vaccinated.

Health professionals deciding to get the vaccination

Nurses explain why they’re getting vaccinated.

How do I use a face mask correctly?

These are the rules for wearing, taking off and storing face masks.

How do I use a fabric face covering correctly?

These are the rules for taking off and storing textile masks.

How to use a face mask

Tips on how to wear, take off and dispose of your mask properly.