Where to get help

Within the space of just a few weeks, the new coronavirus has significantly altered our day-to-day lives. Suddenly we are no longer able to do all the things we usually do and we have to learn to deal with the new situation. All that can create uncertainty.

You can find help and advice here:

Telephone support and advice

If you have worries and concerns, there are specialist counsellors at hand:

«Die Dargebotene Hand» (Helping Hand) Helpline:

  • Call 143
  • «Die Dargebotene Hand» offers free advice via telephone, e-mail or Internet chat (www.143.ch).

Pro Mente Sana support line:

Pro Juventute emergency no. for children:

Pro Juventute parental counselling:


Online support

You can find tips and points of contact on www.dureschnufe.ch (German), www.santepsy.ch (French) or www.salutepsi.ch (Italian) covering the following topics:

Do you feel threatened in your own home?

You will find phone numbers and email addresses for anonymous advice and protection throughout Switzerland at:

Victim Support Switzerland. Free, confidential and anonymous advice throughout Switzerland.

In an emergency call the police on 117.

Do you have to stay at home but need groceries or medication?

Consider those in the local vicinity: Is there a friend or neighbour you can ask for help? Is there anyone in your neighbourhood who could use your help?

Other possibilities:


Contact your local authority.

Download the ‘Five up’ app, available on Google Play or in the App Store. Five up can put you in touch with local volunteers.

Find or set up self-help groups (in German or French):

Stay active – good for body and soul

Even though we have to stay at home, regular physical activity does us good. It strengthens the body, improves our mood, reduces stress and anxiety, and boosts the immune system.

Tips to stay active for adults and children

COVID-19 Civil Society Point of Contact

The Federal Council Coronavirus Crisis Unit (KSBC) has set up the COVID-19 Civil Society Point of Contact. It offers a platform for exchanges with civil socie-ty. The Civil Society Point of Contact looks forward to receiving your concerns and ideas.

You can find further information and a contact form on the COVID-19 Civil Society Point of Contact website.