Last updated on 09.06.2021

Where can the COVID certificate be used?

The Federal Council is expected to decide on where the COVID certificate will be used on 23 June. Its shows its general approach regarding when the COVID certificate can be used.

From when will the COVID certificate be in use?

Currently the legal basis (ordinances) regulating in more concrete terms the use of the COVID certificate within Switzerland and when travelling abroad is being revised.

Until the COVID certificate is available to the whole population (probably at the end of June 2021), the documents that have been used up to now will be valid as proof that someone has been vaccinated, has recovered or has tested negative.

In Europe a digital COVID certificate (the EU Digital COVID Certificate) is also being introduced in all EU and EFTA states. Switzerland’s COVID certificate will be compatible with the EU’s. The EU Digital COVID Certificate is intended to facilitate travel during the COVID-19 pandemic, and will be in use from 1 July 2021. Starting 1 July an initial six-week introductory phase is planned. States have until the end of this period to introduce the certificate. Individual states will decide how the certificate can be used. For this reason you should inform yourself about the entry requirements of the country you are travelling to.

Travelling with the COVID certificate: entering other countries

A COVID certificate that is valid in Switzerland provides no guarantee of entry to other countries. Every country defines its own entry requirements and has the authority to adapt them on an ongoing basis according to how the epidemiological situation is evolving.

This means that it is still possible that some countries may have more stringent entry regulations than Switzerland. You should therefore always check the entry requirements on the destination country’s official website before you travel.

For travel within the EU, the following website provides an initial overview of the measures in place in the individual EU countries: