Last updated on 21.09.2021

COVID certificate

Have you had a COVID-19 vaccination, had and recovered from the disease or tested negative (with a PCR or rapid antigen test)? If so, you are able to request a COVID certificate on paper or in digital form in all cantons. The COVID certificate can be transferred to the COVID Certificate app.

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What is the COVID certificate?

The COVID certificate is official proof that you have been vaccinated against COVID-19, that you have had and recovered from the disease or that you have had a negative PCR or rapid antigen test. The most important part of the COVID certificate is the QR code.


How do I obtain a COVID certificate and how do I use it?

The COVID certificate is issued on request – either electronically or in paper form – via the website of your cantonal authority or from authorised personnel in medical practices, vaccination and test centres, hospitals, laboratories and pharmacies. When your certificate is checked, you will be asked to show photo ID.


Where can the COVID certificate be used in Switzerland?

Three zones have been defined for the use of the COVID certificate in Switzerland: a green zone for settings where the use of the certificate is not foreseen; an orange zone for settings where the certificate can be used to be exempted from rules such as the mask-wearing requirement and capacity limits; and a red zone where it is compulsory to show the certificate.


Are my data secure?

Your personal data and your COVID certificate are secure as they are not stored in a central federal government system when they are issued or checked.


Frequently-asked questions

You will find answers to frequently asked questions on the COVID certificate here.