Important information concerning COVID-19

The following link will take you to the FOPH’s official main page. There you will find information on the current situation in Switzerland and abroad, FAQs, recommendations for travellers and for the workplace, and information for health workers.

Current situation

You will find coronavirus-related statistics on

New check-in function in the SwissCovid app

The SwissCovid app now also features a check-in function. It’s particularly useful in settings where people gather but where there is no requirement to record contact data.

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Travelcheck – The tool for the entry into Switzerland

With the new tool “Travelcheck” you can quickly find out which precautions you have to take to enter Switzerland.

Important facts about the vaccination

A number of false reports are circulating in connection with the COVID-19 vaccination. Here you’ll find important facts about the vaccination, including explanations.

To the vaccination myths


COVID-19 vaccine

What do I need to know about the COVID-19 vaccine?

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Download information material

Here you’ll find current documents with information on how to protect yourself from the coronavirus.

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Informational and explanatory videos

The following videos provide information on the measures to contain the coronavirus pandemic.

Check-in function in the SwissCovid app

Check in without sharing your data - with the new check-in function of the SwissCovid app.

“Have a heart for us all”

By getting vaccinated for coronavirus we can play an important part in helping contain the pandemic.
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“Please continue to take care”

Keep to the rules on hygiene and social distancing.

Doctor deciding to get the vaccination

A doctor explains her reasons for getting vaccinated.

Health professionals deciding to get the vaccination

Nurses explain why they’re getting vaccinated.

We have to stick together

Various people explain what they’re doing to stop the coronavirus from spreading.

Travel: what do I need to know?

These rules must be followed during travel abroad that cannot be avoided.

How do I use a face mask correctly?

These are the rules for wearing, taking off and storing face masks.

How do I use a fabric face covering correctly?

These are the rules for taking off and storing textile masks.

SwissCovid helps to break the chains of infection

How the Swiss Covid App helps break chains of infection.

Contact tracing breaks the chains of infection

How contact tracing helps break chains of infection.

How to use a face mask

Tips on how to wear, take off and dispose of your mask properly.

Keep up the good work!

Members of the public have already done a lot. Now we have to keep going.


We can only overcome the pandemic together.


These rules enable infected people in isolation to protect themselves and others.

Rules on hygiene & social distancing

The Swiss Federal Office of Public Health recommends simple measures to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

Recommended: COVID-19 vaccination.

Get tested regularly, even if you don’t have symptoms.

Wear a mask when required.

Keep your distance.

Ventilate rooms several times a day.

Wash your hands thoroughly and avoid shaking hands.

To enable contact tracing, always provide your complete contact information.

If you experience symptoms, get tested immediately and stay at home.